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Purchase A Casablanca Sultan Suite

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Welcome to our Online Store.  You can purchase any of our products online. We invite you to call any of our Club Representatives if you have any questions about our club or our special promotions for vacation gift cards, Sultan Suite Sales, or any of our featured rentals offered by SG Resorts. Call Mily Gomez-Schecher toll free (888) 456-5666 or 1- (954) -483-4987.  Your satisfaction is our #1 objective and saving you money is our company mission. Our company mission is to save you money.

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FIRST RESPONDERS | VETERANS | & Members of the US Military 

As many businesses across the country and around the world respond to the Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic in several ways, SG Resorts Travel & Vacation Club,LLC is doing its part by providing every First Responder, ever doctor, every nurse, every essential worker, and basically everyone around the world who helped fight and prevent the spread of the virus with a FREE one year Boomerang Membership in our Club. 

We, as a company, were not able to provide the much needed ventilators, masks, personal protection devices required by those on the front lines fighting the virus but we can be there when those people who selfishly and tirelessly  fought the virus are ready to take a break and go on a much needed and much deserved vacation.  We can help on this end and we are giving every worker a FREE Membership to use for one full year. When it comes time to take that vacation to recharge and rejuvenate the soldiers who fought the war against the COVID-19 Virus will be able to know they are getting the absolute best price on planet earth, the same planet they helped to save. 

If you are one of the COVID-19 Soldiers, just click the button below and get your Free Membership today and use it when you are ready to escape to anyplace you choose in the world we thank you for saving. 

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You can make a difference - As we give away free memberships to qualified groups All Donations are greatly appreciated 

You are the "difference" rewarding the Healthcare & Essential Workers