With your new Guest Membership you  will be able to explore the SG Resorts Member Only Website for 12 Months from the date of issue and as a Guest Member you will be able  to make one booking and enjoy the full savings of a regular club member.  Yes, a single booking of your choice. Upon the guest's first login, you will be prompted to complete a brief survey regarding your travel preferences.



This is a temporary guest membershp that grants you access to the SG Resorts Travel & Vacation Club's "VIP Members Only Booking Portal " for a period of one full year where you can view over One Million Properties including airfares, cruises, hotels, resorts, rental cars, weekly vacation specials, and much more.  As a guest you will be able to make one (1) live booking which can save you at least $500 or more.  The trick is to make your one booking at the destination or place where you can save the most money.  If you book one of the special Hot Week Vacations you can save as much as $3,000 or more off the Public Price or the rates others guarantee as their "best rate".  You can book an entire week for what the public pays to spend the night. 


As a "Guest Member" you will receive 100% of the regular Club Discount all the SG regular members enjoy. You are guaranteed savings and after you make your first booking and see for yourself how much you can save as a member of the SG Resorts Travel & Vacation Club, you will want to join and continue a lifetime of savings on all your travel & vacation bookings. 


At SG Resorts you also enjoy a "Best Rate" guarantee and our guarantee, unlike most others,  is backed by a 110% cash difference if you, as a SG Club Member, can book the same club rates anywhere on the Internet at a lower price.  We pay you 110% of the price difference in cash and we also give you "Reward Points" on all your bookings through our Club's Booking Portal. 


What do you get with a temporary membership ?


  • You get one (1) year access to our Members Only Site
  • You get one (1) live booking from our Members Only Site
  • You get the opportunity to save $500 or more on your first booking
  • You get the opportunity to become a regular member anythime during the guest period


With your Temporary Guest Membership you will be able to see all the benefits our members enjoy and you will be able to book one travel or vacation booking at our "Member Only Rates" and this makes the purcahse of a temporary membership a no-brainer because the bottom line becomes: Who would not spend $59 to save over $500 on their next travel or vacation booking ?  Answer: Nobody in their right mind. 


EXTRA BENEFIT:  Get three of your friends or family members to activate a temporary guest membership in the same month as you activate yours and SG Resorts will give you and your friends a complimentary vacation certificate (your choice) for a two (2) day Bahamas Cruise or a golf weekend in Mexico.


Are you ready to save over $500 on your next vacation or hotel booking?  Are you wiling to spend $159 for the opportunity to save over $1,000 or more on one of our weekly Hot Week Vacation Deals ?







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  • All sales are final. No refunds | No Cancellation Credits.


    Once you purcahse your temporary membeship it is activated for a period of one year and you are entitled to one (1) live travel or vacation booking.  You may upgrade to a Permanant Membership at any time during your tempoary guest membership period at a discounted price.