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“Living Benefits”


In an effort to support our First Responders, Veterans, and active military personnel SG Resorts Travel & Vacation Club, LLC (SG Resorts) has created a “special fund” that accepts contributions from the general public for the purpose of providing deeply discounted travel & vacation club memberships to this group of individuals. Society has a movement focused on “thanking” the people that are in this Group for their “service” or devotion to duty and  SG Resorts has taken this “Thank You Movement” to a higher level with its SPECIAL PROGRAM for First Responders, Veterans, and active military personnel.


THE PROGRAM:  The Program provides a membership to a recipient (qualified group member) valued at $12,500 at a deeply discounted price.  The “Program Membership” has a one time initiation fee of $395 and recurring monthly dues of $19 with an annual administration fee of $159.  The Program Membership cost is paid by the recipient while the discount is funded by the individuals who contribute to the fund. SG Resorts contribution towards each membership is $10,000 in the form of a discount off the regular $12,500 membership cost.  The balance of $2,500 is funded by the contributions to the Special Fund creating a net cost of $0 for the recipient of the Program Membership. The recipient ( First Responder, Veteran, Active Military Member) pays only a one time Initiation Fee of $395 and monthly dues of $19 for as long as the membership remains active.  There is an annual administration charge of $159 that is paid by the recipient. The Program Membership offers Reward Points that can be used the same as cash to pay the annual administration charge.


CONTRIBUTIONS:  The general public can contribute any amount from $5 to $50,000 as no amount is too small or too large. Contributors can also name a specific recipient they would like to receive the Program Membership and pay the $395 Initiation Fee or pay a total of $595 for their named recipient which would cover the first year membership in full for their designated recipient.  In summary the general public can make any size contribution in general or make a contribution of $595 for their named recipient or designated person they wish to receive the Program Membership.


LIVING BENEFITS:  SG Resorts believes the Program Membership represents a “Living Benefit” or Life Assurance because unlike Health Insurance where someone needs to get sick to trigger the benefit the SG Resorts Health Assurance is designed to provide a ‘living benefit” that is focused on lifestyle and the enjoyment of life making the benefit trigger a healthy lifestyle..  Mental Health is covered by many Health Insurance Programs but the individual covered must have a mental breakdown for the benefit to become a benefit. The SG Resorts Life Assurance is focused solely upon “Mental Health” and the benefits are triggered by healthy living focused upon keeping the individual from experiencing a mental breakdown due to stress factors, work, or other pressures faced by individuals in everyday life.   There are volumes of “research” on the benefits of taking a vacation both physical and mental benefits. Research also shows that almost 42% of people who have paid vacation time from their employers do not take a vacation. The same research reports that the number one (#1) reason given for not taking a vacation, paid or otherwise, is: “ I can’t afford it”.  Vacations offer proven health benefits to individuals and more and more employers are making vacation time mandatory because Research also indicates that workers who disconnect from work on vacation become more productive workers.   At the end of the day SG Resorts has created a LIVING BENEFITS PROGRAM and the SPECIAL FUND allows this “Living Benefit” to become available to a class or group of people who, in the opinion of SG Resorts, deserve it or need it the most.



  • This is a special membeship valued at $12,500 and made possible by the contributions of individuals who donated to the SG Special Membership Fund.  It is these funds that make it possible to give a $12,500 membership to those who deserve it the most for a crazy price of $395. 


    If you want to truly say "thank you" to a Police Officer, Firefighter, Militay Veteran, or active military member just email us their name and a donation in any amount and we will sent them a membership offer.