One of the key advantages of Fractional Ownership-   it allows you to purchase multiple properties at a price the  traditional buyer often pays for a single vacation property. Not only do you maximize your purchasing dollars, your annual cost of ownership averages about 12% compared to the traditional vacation home buyer. 


Fractional Ownership matches your annual cost of ownership to you actual ownership time and enjoyment making fractional ownership the best choice when it comes to purchasing a vacation property. 


As a Sultan Suite Owner,  you can upgarde to a two bedroom oceanfront residence located on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic (WatermarK) located on one of the most popular Kite Surfing Beaches in the world (Cabarete Beach)  giving you can also have one of the most prestegious address in the world (Miami Beach).


The most affordable vacation ownership on planet earth. 


Casablanca Sultan Suite plus Watermark Luxury Residence 

Purchase Price:             $98,500

Capital Reserve:            $  5,125


Total Purchase Price:   $103,625


Finance Options:

Option I :

25% Down \ 36 payments \  5% Interest 

Option II:

50% Down \ 60 payments \ 10% Interest 


25% Down Payment  | 25% in 60 days | 25% in 90 days | 25% in 180 days 


For the person who enjoys 8 weeks of vacation each year, the Sultan Combo Package offers one month on Miami Beach and one month on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic making your fractional vacation ownership the best of all worlds.  


You are invited to tour both properties and if you like what you experience you can purchase one month at each location for as little as $103,625.  The Standard Combo Package is one month at the Sultan Suites and one month at the Watermark.  Monthly choices include: May, June, July, August, Sept, October, and November.  Pick you month a upgrade your lifestlye tomorrow. All suites at the Watermark are two bedroom\two bathroom\living-dining areas\ european kitchens\oceanfront patio. Penthouse suites have a premium upgrade cost. 


You can visit both properties online: 


Schedule a tour today.  Call RJ Schecher (954) 483-4987  or email: 

WatermarK plus Sultan Suite (Fractional Ownership)


    There is a 22% Premium Charge for the months of December, January, February,  March, and April for a purchase of the Sultan Combo Package. 


    Please consult a Sultan Suite Owner Coordinator or Sales Associate for complete details.