Our Platinum Lifetime Membership is designed for the executive or managment level who enjoy at least four weeks of vacation in any given 12 month period.  Your Platinum Lifetime Membership becomes part of your estate and can be transfered or willed to your children or heirs.  The Platinum Membership permits access to the Club's Caribbean Luxury Villas at deeply discounted Member Rates. 


      Membership Period: Lifetime



A MEMBERSHIP THAT PAYS FOR ITSELF:  With our Lifetime Platinum Plus Membeship you enjoy a 50% savings on our collection of Luxury Villas owned by SG Resorts.  The math speaks for itself when you add it up the savings is huge:  Take 50% off the $2,800 per night rental at Villa Lazy Heart which is one of our Club's Luxury Villas on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic. This represnts a nightly savings of $1,400 and a total savings of $14,000 for a ten day vacation at Villa Lazy Heart. You just paid for your membership in savings on this one rental alone and now you have a lifetime of savings to enjoy one dream vacation at a time.



Ask about our Try before you Buy Program that allows you to book a week at Villa Lazy Heart and if you become a Club Member before check-out you save up to 50% of your nightly rental rate. 

Lifetime Platinum Plus

  • SG Club Members pay a one time initiation fee to activate their Club Membership granting access to the SG Resorts "Members Only" Network of more than 1,000,000 properties for our VIP Members and over 5,000 resorts in 100 countries for all other members. 


    The SG Basic Membership offers our Club Members "One Prime Week" which most people refer to as High Season along with access to the Club's Hot Week Specials where weekly vacation rentals are priced below $398 per week.  Members soon discover what they pay for a one week rental is about the same price  the general public pays for a single night at the same Resort.  


    All SG Resorts Travel & Vacation Club Memberships enjoy access to the Club's Global Registry, Hot Week Specials, Cruise Vacation Deals, as well as many other Travel & Vacation Club Benefits. 


    GUARANTEED PRICE CAP: Membership does offer Guaranteed Savings to our membership in all categories of membership from our basis to VIP. 


    SG Club Members pay a one time initiation fee to activate their Club Membership and a small monthly dues depending upon the categoary of membership.  Our VIP Memers pay an annual administration fee of $189 which can be offset by their Reward Points that are as good as cash when booking travel or vacations using the Club Portal.