Elite Shareholder Membership is open to individuals who can afford it as well as individuals who may be in the market looking to purchase a million dollar vacation property for their own enjoyment.  


Today we find oursleves in a new world of sophisticated real estate buyers who, before purchasing anything consider all purchase options, and for the most part, generally make sound purchase decisions based upon logic and math. 


When it comes to purchasing a vacation home and especially a million dollar vacation home, Logic says the Elite SG Shareholder Membership is a much more economical approach to owning a vacation home than the outdated "traditional form" of whole ownership used by our parents' generation. 


Upon completition of any "Due Dilitence" or comparison of ownership costs over a ten year period, the SG Shareholder Membershp is undoubtably the best and most economical alternative or way to pruchase or enjoy vacation home ownership in todays world and when you do the MATH, the math confirms the logic. 


It is no longer necessary to spen a Million Dollars to enjoy a Million Dollar vacation home because: as an Elite Member of the SG Resorts Travel & Vacation Club you can realize a tremendous savings over a ten year period and only spend anywhere between $125,000 to $1,000,000 and enjoy MUCH MORE than what the traditional $1,000,000 price tag buys you on a traditional vacation home purchase. 


Complete your own Due DIligence and compare the ten year cost of ownership between traditional vacation home ownership Vs the SG Resorts Shareholder Membership and the MATH will tell you which is your best option hands down. 

Elite Shareholder Membership

$125,000.00 Regular Price
$112,500.00Sale Price
  • Elite Shareholder Club Level

    This level of Club participation is limited to what most consider to be the One Percenter (1%) when in reality Shareholder Members are in realty the Three Percenter (3%) or what many believe is the top three percent of the population that own, or seek to own a second vacation home valued at or above the One Million Dollars price tag. 


    Shareholder Applicants must have an acceptable credit score and they are subject to a background screening process required by the SG Travel & Vacation Club Membership Committee without exception.


    If you find yourself in the market for a Vacation Home you may want to include the comparison of our membership Vs traditional whole ownership as part of your Due Diligence period.


    Pre-approved applicants can expand their Due Diligence to include a visit and tour of any one or several of the properties listed in the SG Elite Private Collection which includes but is not limited to:


    1. Luxury Villas at Lifestyle Holidays Resort (All Inclusive 5 star Resort)
    2. Villa Lazy Heart (10 acre Ocenfront Estate)
    3. Villa Cabofino (Oceanfront Estate featured on Playboy TV)
    4. Penthouse Suites (Florida, Bahamas, Dominican Republic)
    5. Mountain Air Country Club (Richville Lodge) North Carolina
    6. Sultan Suite at Bella Condo in Atlantic City 
    7. Hacienda Del Rey (Mountain Estate featured on MTV


    For more details or to arrange a Due DIligence tour contact: 

    Richard J Schecher, Sr.  \ rjs@sgresorts.org

    Mily Gomez-Schecher    \ m.schechecher@sgresorts.org

    or call (888) 453-5666 

  • Elite Shareholders are granted access to the SG Resorts Private Collection of multi-million dollar vacation homes where they can enjoy up to eight weeks per year at their choice of properties in the SG Private Collection and pay ownership related costs only for the time in residence Vs a full 12 months of costs associated with traditional "whole" ownership. 


    The basic concept of Elite Shareholder Status-  our Elite Members enjoy not one but several multi-millionn dollar vacation properties at a fraction of the cost while avoiding all or most of the costs associated with traditonal vacation home ownership  COMPARED TO  traditional vacation home ownership where the Owner: (1) has only one property compared to several to enjoy over the same comparison period. (2) pays 12 months of expenses for a property that is used for a limited period, generally one month per year compared to paying little or NO property expenses over the same ten year period. (3) pays annual expenses such as taxes, insurance, upkeep,association maintenance fees, and all the other costs associated with traditonal whole ownership compared to payin NONE of these costs as a SG Shareholder Member.


    TEN YEAR Comparison:

    In addition to the increase ongoing cost of ownership associated with the traditional form of vacation home ownership the owner of the vacation property owner generally only keeps the vacation home, on average, for a period of ten years and generally limits all vacation time over that ten year perod to the purchased home  Vs  SG Shareholders who spent about 25% less and enjoy several multi-million dollar properties over the same ten year period compared to just one. 


    SG Elite Shareholder Membership has developed into the most economical and most popular form of vacation home ownership or enjoyment with the next generation of Vacation Home Buyers.


    Consider the following  key points or features:


    • Purchase Price of $100,000 - $250,000 Vs $1,000,000
    • Several Multiple Million Dollar Properties Vs One Vacation Home 
    • No Fixed Ownership Costs Vs Fixed Annual Costs 
    • No taxes, insurance, maintenance to pay Vs Pay Everything
    • 10 Year Cost of Ownership minimual Vs Traditional Vacation Home Ownership - The Cash Out Benefit is huge
    • The MATH says Elite Ownership is best choice 


    Now, are you going to make your buying decision based upon Logic that is confirmed by the math or are you going to do something else ?