Casablanca Sultan Suite (Low Season) 

Purchase Price:             $59,900

Capital Reserve Fund:   $  1,500


Total Purchase Price:   $61,400


Sultan Suite 905 is on the Hotel's 9th floor with an East facing unit with ocean views from its patio. Sultan Suite 905 contains one bed and all the amenities of a Sultan Suite. The 905 Balcony has an ocean view and overlooks the Casablanca East Tower and the world famous Collins Avenue.  


Each Sultan Suite Purchase includes a Lifetime Platinum Plus Membership in the SG Resorts Travel & Vacation Club and includes the ability of the Sultan Owner to trade or bank one of the fractional monthly weeks into the worlds best vacation exchange programs in the world.  Contact your Sultan Suite Membership Host for complete details. 



The Casablanca Sultan Suites are located at 6060 Indian Creek Drive, Miami Beach 33141 in the Casablanca Hotel's newly renovated West Tower.  The Sultan Suites represent the best investment for the foreign buyer or the individual who wants to own a Miami Beach vacation condo but does not want the financial burden of paying twelve (12) months of ownership cost for a vacation condo that is only used one month per year. 


Fractional Ownership is the shared ownership of an asset by a closed group of individuals.  Fractional Ownership also matches the buyer's ownership costs to the buyer's time of ownership as well as the enjoyment of ownership making factional ownership the best chocie for foreign investors and individuals with limited vacation time.


At the end of the day, the Fractional Buyer enjoys: (1) Lower Purchase Price (2) Lower Cost of Annual Ownership (3) fixed costs Vs unknown costs associated with the more traditional form of whole ownership.  Fractional Ownership allow the Buyer to maximize his buying budget and purchase a much higher valued assest for a much lower price. 


A fractional buyer has the ability to use the same buying budget as a whole owner but his or her Million Dollar Budget can purchase shares in several multi-million dollar properties Vs just one and this allows the Fractional Buyer to create a portfilion of fractional real estate worth more than any one single real estate asset.  

Casablanca Sultan Suite 905-L

SKU: Unit 905-L

    High Season is November through April 

    Low Season is May through October 


    Prime Months:

    Prime Months are months where the activities taking place on Miami Beach attract more than the usual number of tourists and the bookings for the hotel are generally at higher rates and the hotel is sold out more than normal. 


    Prime Months have an additional premium and the premium may vary from one prime month to the other due to the number of activities taking place or the length of the activities.  A perfect example is the Miami Boat Show that takes place every February.  February is considered a Prime Month and also a High Season Month. 


    Contact a Sultan Owner Coordinator and Sales Associate to review your ownership options or call (954) 483-4987 to schedule an appointment to view a Sultan Model and your ownership options at the Casablanca West Sultan Suites.