How do you get the best deal when you book a hotel room and how do you know you got the best deal after you booked online and paid?

When you are looking to hack into the vacation industry as an insider you must understand two very critical things. First- don't waste your time. Second-there is no real Vacation Hacks only Hackers who try to fool you into spending money on what they are promoting as their "Best Rate" or as you see on television "The Last Room Available at the best rate possible". You do remember the commercial where four guests were in the breakfast area of a hotel and each was bragging about booking the last room at the best rate?

The only real way to guarantee you will get the "Best Rate" possible is to become a member of the SG Resorts Travel Club. The Club guarantees their members the lowest rate possible and if a club member can find a lower rate, the Club pays the member 110% of the price difference. There are many reasons to become a Club Member but the one everybody seems to focus upon is rate and getting the best deal when booking a hotel room. If you do a little research you can find some Blogs and Podcasts from the SG Resorts Travel & Vacation Club that focus upon topics like how they are able to offer the lowest rates and why their rates are not published and available to members only.

The best hack of all becomes the FREE Boomerang Membership currently being offered by the SG Resorts Travel Club. The Club is offering free one year trial memberships to groups, associations, and qualified individuals. The membership is really free with no strings attached, nothing to buy, nothing to sign, and nothing to due but register your information and enjoy a complimentary trial membership that will save you money on all of your future vacation and travel needs. In fact, it is not uncommon for new members to save $500 or more on their very first booking as a SG Resorts Travel Club Member.

Below you will find a YouTube posting to new club members. This video does double duty by welcoming the new member to the Club while showing the new member how to navigate the members website and how to search, capture, and book the lowest price for their hotel booking needs.

The Club gives the membership for free claiming their Club is so good that nobody will believe it unless they can see and try out the membership benefits for themselves. Hence, a free trial membership for everyone. There is no guarantee how long this free offer will last but it is worth grabbing before it ends.

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