Now you can do more than park your car and enjoy the beach. SG RESORTS has created a new Day-cation Experience called Park & Swim at two of its South Florida Hotel Properties, the Casablanca on the Ocean and the Historic Hollywood Beach Resort. As more and more people are taking Day-cations rather than Vacations SG RESORTS has responded for those people who prefer a Day-cation rather than a vacation with things to do close to home. Things like going to the beach or swimming at a Resort's Pool. Yes, things that you would do if you were away for a week on a normal vacation.

THE POOL at the Hollywood Beach Resort is the new Day-cation for Hollywood Residents and others seeking a day's vacation. Most people pay between $10 to $25 to park their car for a day at the beach but now, these same people have the opportunity to Park & Swim at THE POOL as a Day Guest or Day-cation at the Historic Hollywood Beach Resort where the Resort's Pool has been considered one of the best swimming pools on the famous Hollywood Beach Broadwalk for almost two Decades.

No matter if you want a Day-Cation on Hollywood Beach or Miami Beach you should check out the fantastic options available to you from SG Resorts and as a member of the SG Resorts Travel & Vacation Club.

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