In 2019 SG Resorts Travel & Vacation Club has been reinvented by the Company founder, Richard J. Schecher, Sr. After a lifetime in the Insurance Industry Richard Sr. has created a new "Living Benefits Program" focused upon making life more enjoyable for everyone with a desire to Live Life & Travel.

Richard has been holding educational seminars explaining what he calls "Benefit Triggers" and comparing the traditional Group and Association Benefits known by most which includes Health Insurance and Life Insurance. Richard claims unlike Health Insurance and Life Insurance which have what he labels "negative triggers" where something bad or "negative" must happen before the benefit whether it be life insurance or health insurance becomes in play. Consider for Life Insurance to benefit anyone, someone must die and when you consider for Health Insurance to benefit anyone, someone must get sick or require medical attention. These are what Richard Sr. calls "Negative Triggers".

Living Benefits are triggered by something positive happening and in the case of the new Program created by Richard Sr. the "positive trigger" for his Living Benefits Program is nothing more than the desire to Live Life & Travel.

Sadly the latest research indicates that 42% of the population that receive paid vacation time from their job do not take a vacation claiming that they can't afford to go on vacation. The Living Benefits Program created by Richard Sr. is focused upon making this no longer true. Underwritten by the SG Resorts Travel & Vacation Club, LLC created in 2019 from the original Schecher Group Owners Club, a not for profit corporation, the SGVC is dedicated to making vacations affordable to basically everyone with a job and to accomplish this goal the new LLC offers what they call a Boomerang Membership.

The SG Resorts Travel & Vacation Club Boomerang Membership is totally free with no strings attached, nothing to buy, no credit card required to become a member. Nothing to do, nothing to buy, nothing to sign - you just register and enjoy a lifetime of vacation savings. So what's the catch ?

There is not catch. It is estimated that at least 50% of all those who enjoy a free membership will upgrade to a regular or paid membership for a number of reasons and because the cost of a group or association membership offered in the Living Benefits Program is nominal Vs the savings and other benefits membership offers.

If you can't afford to take your family vacation even when you enjoy paid vacation time, you need to register online and receive a free trial membership in the SG Resorts Travel & Vacation Club. If you are the skeptical kind of person that believes nothing is FREE, you need to register online and check out how the SG Resorts Boomerang Membership is not only FREE but it is PRICELESS.

You can attend an online New Member Orientation and see firsthand how one members saved over $25,000 on just one Dream Vacation in Dubai. The SG Resorts Travel & Vacation Club provides Groups and Associations with true living benefits for basically everyone to enjoy. After all who does not want to save money while on vacation and who would not like to enjoy a better vacation if they could afford it?


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