Fractional Ownership of vacation properties is predicted to  become the new normal for the post COVID-19 Vacation Home Buyer.  This is true for a number of very good reasons including but not  limtited to:  the fact that the buyer has the ability to  streatch his or her buying budget while only paying a fraction of the sales price allowing payment for the actual time the buyer will be using and enjoying the vacation property rather than for all the months not used or enjoyed. 


Fractional Vacation Home Buyers generally all ask themselves the same critical questions. (1) Why pay twelve (12) full months of ownership costs for a vacation property that is only used, on average, one month per year?  (2)  In addition, why shouldn't I  spend $250,000 for ownership of a multi-million dollar property that limits my annual cost of ownership allowing me to enjoy what otherwise might be unaffordable ?

Members of the SG Resorts Travel & Vacation Club, LLC now have the opportunity, Post Covid-19, to purcahase a fractional share in several very unique properties located in some of the most popular vacation destinations like Atlantic City, North Carolina, The Outter Banks, The Bahamas, The Dominican Republic and more.  Properties that range from a condo hotel suite on Miami Beach to a 10.5 acre oceanfront estate located on the north coast of the Dominican Republic.  How about a custom, one of a kind, log home in the most prestigious mountain top fly-in community in the United States (Mountain Aire Country Club)?

You are invited  to attend a Fractional Ownerhip Seminar and schedule a tour of one of the unique properties in the SG Portfilio of Fractional Vacation Homes. 

Mountain Air Richville LodgeScreen Shot

Custom Log Home - Mountain. Aire Country Club 

Dominican Republic  10.5 acre oceanfront estate 

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