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5. Lifestyle Holidays

In the unique Dominican Republic imagine a place with 1,000 miles of pristine beaches overlooking a crystalline turquoise sea. A place where the mid-day siesta is still a time-honored tradition and the free-spirited Merengue is the national dance of choice.

Unhurried, unencumbered, and unbelievably liberating from everyday cares and stress, the Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Resort in the enchanting Dominican Republic – an all-inclusive vacation experience of the highest quality.

Being a member of the SG Resorts Travel & Vacation CLub makes being a guest of this 5 star resort more affordable than every.  Your vacation includes pampering amenities and services, top notch choice of restaurants and al fresco buffet dining options, unlimited beverages found at our bevy of bars located on property, and don’t forget the sun, sand and sea.

As an ocean front resort, you will have access to sandy white beaches, ocean waves, beach lounging areas to soak up the rays, as well as live entertainment shows, beach-party extravaganzas, exciting casino nightlife, and so much more. Add in world-class golf, spa treatments, water sports, and endless island adventures and this is the lifestyle you deserve.

Book directly with SG Resorts Travel & Vacation Club Concierge Desk and enjoy savings beyond belief at this most popular travel club destination. 

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